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About Baguio JIC

JIC caters to a variety of different Nationals ranging from Koreans, Japanese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese and many more. This gives the students the opportunity to learn and experience a multi – cultural environment.




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  • Mango Learning Express of Thailand and Department Of Tourism RND Head comes to JIC

    An agency from Thailand called Mango Learning Express with representatives; Krittaya Ouipanich & Preeyaporn Sinchalon, in coordination with the Department of Tourism, English as Second Language (ESL) Market Development Group represented by Marissa A. Masangkay visited Baguio JIC English Academy in collaboration with the itinerary set for their visit of …

  • Aki

    Akihito Kitakatsu one of our previous IELTS student who enjoys challenging himself. He is now enjoying living in Australia. Let’s take a look back.

  • Akari

    “1:1 is very good. And also the textbook is very useful, the content is form our real life, like there are many issues, social issues at the same time I can learn some ideas.”


    Never stop learning because learning is a continuous process.


    We have to train ourselves in order to get our target score.

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