Two Campuses with Different Concepts

Baguio JIC operates two campuses with distinct concepts in the city of Baguio. These campuses not only offer different living environments but also provide varied programs to attend. Choose the appropriate campus that aligns with your goals, lifestyle, learning style, and more.

JIC Main Campus

Baguio JIC Main Campus

Concept: Intensive Learning「Intensive Learning」
The concept of “Intensive Learning” focuses on one-on-one programs to immerse students in intensive English language study. The ESL (English as a Second Language) program is designed to strengthen speaking skills and includes original programs tailored to each student’s proficiency level (IB/PS). This campus is particularly popular for those seeking preparation for working holiday programs and IELTS test takers. All programs utilize original materials that align with the concept, emphasizing individualized learning and a strong desire to concentrate on English language development.


  • Individuals who want to enhance their speaking skills.
  • Those who wish to prepare in advance for a working holiday experience.
  • Individuals planning to immigrate, seek employment, or pursue further studies and require IELTS preparation.

JIC Premium Campus

Baguio JIC Premium Campus

Concept: Active Learning
The concept of “Active Learning” revolves around a spacious campus surrounded by a natural environment, resembling a university setting. This campus provides a more intercultural learning environment, fostering interaction and communication. It offers numerous group classes and activities to promote enjoyable learning while engaging with others. If you prefer a style of learning that involves socializing and communicating with people, the Premium campus is recommended.


  • Individuals who want to enhance their speaking skills (including those preparing for a working holiday).
  • Working professionals who wish to learn English while balancing their job commitments.
  • Individuals and couples from the senior age group who seek to enjoy English learning and retirement life experiences.

Location of each campus from city

Baguio JIC Campus Map

Both campuses are located in the suburbs, about 10 to 15 minutes away by taxi from the city center of Baguio. It is a quiet and safe area.