Mango Learning Express of Thailand and Department Of Tourism RND Head comes to JIC

An agency from Thailand called Mango Learning Express with representatives; Krittaya Ouipanich & Preeyaporn Sinchalon, in coordination with the Department of Tourism, English as Second Language (ESL) Market Development Group represented by Marissa A. Masangkay visited Baguio JIC English Academy in collaboration with the itinerary set for their visit of Schools in Baguio City.

JIC welcomed the three guests with warm smiles and “Filipino hospitality” as they exhibited school facilities, products and curricula they had to offer. Miss Krittaya Ouipanich interviewed Mr. Fu, a student of JIC while Miss Preeyaporn Sinchalon vlogged the entirety of the visit. This event is set to motivate an opportunity for the school to gain a new associate, specifically, the Thai market.

Both Ms Preeyaporn and Ms Krittaya enjoyed their stay as the cold weather and hospitable people welcomed them with open arms. They were pleasantly surprised with the affordable prices of the city and were impressed by JIC’s programs and astounded by their kindness and generosity.