What is JIC’s capacity?
Our academy can accommodate a total of 160 students. (ESL 80 + IELTS 80)
What is so unique about your courses?

We have designed a pathway learning for the students who register to our school. We have designed centers that would cater to different levels of student and they can choose what courses they can join. These centers are:

  1. IB (Intensive Basic Center) that caters to beginners who would like to build their English foundation.
  2. PS (Power Speaking Center) that focuses on the speaking skills of the student. This course also offers a variety of group classes that the students may choose depending on what subjects suits their learning need. Under this center.
  3. IELTS Center focuses on helping students achieve their goal scores by teaching strategies and techniques on how to achieve their goals through a meticulously designed program.
How can you say that your teachers have high quality?
Teachers follow the 365 Training Program. The purpose of this training to develop the skills of teachers as often as possible. Scheduled trainings are done as much as on a daily basis even on Saturdays.
Do you accept Junior students?
We do not. The minimum age for our students here in JIC is 18. (If we have students below 18, they will be under the UPC or University Preparatory Course and can only have 6 1:1 classes)
What is the older building?
The East Field Building where the IB and PS ESL Center is located is the oldest building. Not to be considered an old building, it was just built before the West Garden Building.
Do you have pick-ups on Saturdays?

We do not have. We follow the schedule assigned by BESA which is on a Sunday (5:00 – 8:00, 16:00 – 19:00, 22:00 – 1:00)

In case there are instances where the student has no choice but to arrive on a Saturday, we can request for this but only when the reason is valid. Also the student will be charged PHP1,000 for one night stay in the Dormitory.

Can students arrive on days that are not in line with your term dates or pick-up dates?
Yes they may. Students who arrive on odd dates will have to arrive by themselves. Although this is dependent on room availability.
What is the youngest age of children you can accept for the Family Camp?
The youngest junior student we may accept is 8 years old.


May we ask if this type of room is available?

The advice is to ask the agent asking to give the following information. This information must be complete to proceed with an inquiry.


  • DATE: _ (MM/DD/YY)
When is the earliest time to know the room availability?
Within the day of inquiry.
Do you have hair dryers in all rooms?
Yes, we do. Hair dryers are installed in each rooms.


What is so unique about your courses?
(attach “WHY CHOOSE JIC”)
How can you say that your teachers have high quality?
JIC prides the quality of teachers. Teachers have regular trainings to build the efficiency of the teachers. Mock tests are constantly given top check the quality and to know what to improve on. IELTS teachers are also sponsored to take the official IELTS Test to showcase their mastery and to have the confidence to teach IELTS to students.
How often can students change their schedule?
Changing of schedule (add classes, change classes and change class schedule) is done every two (2) weeks.
Can student add extra classes?
Yes, they can add extra 1:1 classes but has to pay the fee of PHP 5,000 per class for 4 weeks.
Can student change their schedules immediately?
This would depend on the reason why the student wants to change his/ her schedule. The student can also choose from the available teachers if given the permission to change schedule.




What do WH-students study in the 1:1 classes?
In the 1:1 classes they still study Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening.


Do you have 1:1 TOEIC classes students?
We do not have, we only have group classes for Speaking/Listening and Reading/Listening.
Can students register in school for TOEIC tests?
Yes, they can, we can assist them to register. We also have the test dates that the students can choose from.


Are you a testing center?
Yes, we are a testing center. We can request a test date to be organized here. We need to have the required number of candidates though for us to be approved to have the official test in our school.
How fast can IELTS students improve? How long does it take?
In our research, a student can improve 0.5 every four weeks. So for instance, in an average, if the student’s goal score is 5.0 and his/her initial test score is 3.5, it would take around three (3) months to possibly get the score.
Why is your 2:2:1:1 program efficient
This is very effective to get quicker and faster results in students’ IELTS score. Students will have 2 classes each for writing and speaking while having 1 class each for listening and reading. After 4 weeks, the students have the advantage of customizing their classes according to their weaknesses to faster boost their score.
Is JIC going to assist the students to go to their IELTS test?
Yes, we do. On the student’s scheduled test both Speaking and the Witten test, the school will be scheduling coordinators to accompany them to their testing areas. We also provide transportation for them for them convenience.


Can beginners learn IELTS?
It is possible since we say that all students can improve. But as much possible the students must at least have a foundation for basic English so it will be easier for them to understand the strategies that will taught during their classes.
Do you have required scores for students to enter IELTS?
We only have required scores for guarantee students. Although for students planning to register to our IELTS course we suggest an English level starting 3 to 8.


What are the benefits of being a guarantee student?
  • If the student fails to achieve his/her goal score within the guarantee period, JIC will provide his/her tuition fee only (excluding accommodation, pocket money, visa fee, electric/water. Etc.)
  • The student has regular consultation with the head teacher twice a week.
  • One speaking prescription will be given in a term.
  • One weekly mock test and review will also be given
  • Unlimited writing evaluation
How different is it from an IELTS-taker?
The normal IELTS taker does not have the benefits a Guarantee student has.
  1. regular consultation with the head teacher twice a week
    The students only have the consultation done once a week with their foster parents. If the student needs a consultation with the head teacher, they may request for an appointment.
  2. speaking prescription will be given in a term
    after the speaking test, the examiner may give feedbacks but not a detailed written prescription that is received by Guarantee Students.
  3. Unlimited writing evaluation



What kinds of meals are served during breakfast, lunch and dinner?
(Attached the menu for the cafeteria.)
Can student request for meals to be cooked for them?
Yes, they can. They have to notify the cafeteria earlier though so their special request can be done on time or on the time of their meal time.
For vegetarian, do you follow specific ways to cook their food?
For this case, if we have vegetarian students we would like it to be declared during their registration and specify what kind of cooking do they need.
Until when is the cafeteria open.
The cafeteria is open until 11pm. The students are allowed to stay there if they would like to gather with their friends or classmates to avoid making unnecessary noise so not to disturb other students who are having their self-study in their rooms or for students who are already sleeping.
Do you have water dispensers in every floor or in every room of the students?
We have water dispensers for all rooms. These are not at the hallway to avoid the water to be contaminated and affect other students to have some stomach issues. We also have electric kettles in each rooms so if the students need hot water, they can heat it whenever they would like to.



How many times can I request for laundry?
You may request up to 3x laundry services per week not exceeding a total of 10kgs. If you do exceed the max amount of 10kgs, then the succeeding kilos will cost an additional of 25 PHP per kilo.
Do you have a laundry area if I want to wash my own clothes? / Do you have washing machines and drier for students who want to wash their own clothes.
We do not have per se, although some of our students use their own bathrooms to hand wash their delicate cloths while the rest utilize our laundry services.


Can IB students also use the gym facilities?
Yes, they can. All the students from different centers are welcome to use the gym.
What time does the gym open and close?
The gym is open from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM.


Do you have a clinic?
Do you give medicine to students?
Who assists and checks the students when they are sick?


In the fees, are services included like meals, laundry and room maintenance?
Yes, the services are already included. Also daily meals, three times a day and even during weekends and holidays.
What is the purpose of the utility fee?
Can students pay in the school when they arrive?
Yes, they can but it has to be on the first day of their arrival since most of the students pay their fees before they arrive. We can give considerations to them if they request to do so but kindly remind them that they have t0o pay as soon as they arrive.


When is the orientation for each nationality?
The orientation for all students happens on the afternoon of their arrival. The chiefs of each center conducts the orientation and then they are met by the student managers assigned to each nationality to address the student’s questions so they can be thoroughly explained in their language and the students may ask for questions for further clarification.
Can students have a holiday or be absent from class when they need to travel with in a weekday?
Students may ask permission from their chiefs in case they have to be out to travel with a family member. For this they have to provide proof that they will be traveling with them.

The students in IB and IELTS are not allowed to go out on weekdays due to the SPARTA rule. But in cases where they have to be out to meet their family members, they have to ask permission and show proof that they are their relative.
In the case of PS, students can only go out after their classes on the weekdays and needs to follow the curfew time. The students must be back at the campus before 10:00 on weekdays.