Premium Campus

Premium Campus

Our concept is “Active Learning,” providing a spacious school building nestled in nature, resembling a university setting. We take pride in our highly intercultural learning environment, fostering connections among students from diverse backgrounds.
To achieve this, we offer numerous group classes and activities. If you prefer an enjoyable and interactive learning experience with others, we highly recommend our premium campus.


  • Individuals who want to strengthen their speaking skills, including those preparing for a working holiday (working holiday preparation included).
  • Working professionals who wish to learn English while working remotely.
  • Older individuals or couples seeking to savor the experience of learning English during their golden years


Active Senior ESL
BusinessFocus Biz
MasterSpeaking Master
Business Master


Premium Campus DormitoryRoom for 1, Room for 2, Room for 4 (either with balcony or without balcony)

* There are two types of rooms: Room A, which comes with a balcony, and Room B, which does not have a balcony. Each room type has a different price.

Environment & Facility

Recommended point

  • Baguio’s top-class comfortable living environment
  • offers approximately 10,000 square meters of spacious grounds.
  • The campus includes a café, supermarket, massage shop, sauna, student lounge, co-working space, business lounge, gym, and other comprehensive facilities, making it stand out compared to other schools in Baguio.
  • Situated in the suburbs, it boasts a tranquil and nature-rich atmosphere.
  • With the presence of a co-working space, it allows students to study while also handling their work commitments.

JIC Premium Campus General Info

School NameBaguio JIC Premium Campus
Address381 Purok 5, Dontogan, Baguio City Philippines
Student Capacity200
Distance from city10 minutes by taxi or Jeepney
StaffPhinillippine, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese etc
Minimum AgeIndivisual : above 15 years old
Sparta SystemAll semi-sparta
Curfew[ Mon-Fri & Sun ] 22:00
[ Sat ] 1:00
Class time45min(Breaktime 5min)
MealsMon-Fri : 3 meals a day, Sat & Sun : 2 meals a day (blunch)
Cleaning & Laundry2 time a week