Active Senior ESL

Active Senior ESL

This program is tailored for seniors seeking a hassle-free study abroad experience, offering 3 to 4 hours of personalized one-on-one lessons and a light menu. You have the option to select between General ESL 1:1 or TEP ESL 1:1, allowing you to study subjects of your interest. Personalize the program according to your preferences and delight in an enjoyable English learning journey.

*Note: This program is available only for individuals aged 40 and above.
*There are limited available slots. Please inquire for more details.


  • Seniors who wish to embrace new opportunities in their golden years through English learning.
  • Individuals who prefer a smaller number of classes and a lighter curriculum.
  • Individuals exclusively seeking to learn English through one-on-one lessons.

Recommended proficiency level: Super Beginners (Pre-A1) and above.

CourseTEP ESL / General ESL 1:1General ES Groupvening GroupTotal
Active Senor 33* add on* add on3
Active Senor 44* add on* add on4

Details of program

TEP ESL 1:1 /
General ESL 1:1
TEP ESL or General ESL: Choose a theme of interest from various options like travel, cooking, art, media, and more to study. You can focus on comprehensive English, speaking, listening, reading, writing, or any other subjects you prefer.
Mixing different themes is also possible.
General ESL Group
(*add on)
Additional Group Classes: Select three group classes from a variety of options. The school will initially determine your selection based on the results of a level test. Afterward, you can change your selection every two weeks.
Evening Group (*add on)Participate in freely accessible group classes held in the evenings and enjoy fun activities like yoga, dance, music, and movie-watching, all while improving your English skills

Group Class (*Add-on)

ListeningThis lesson focuses on improving listening skills through activities such as listening to audio clips and news.
PronunciationIt is a lesson designed to help you achieve more accurate pronunciation.
CompositionIn this lesson, you will learn writing techniques and grammar rules.
English GrammarThis lesson covers basic English grammar topics in a systematic manner.
DiscussionIt is a discussion-based lesson where the instructor acts as an organizer, and you engage in discussions with other class members on various topics.
PatternYou will learn English patterns and phrases that can be immediately applied to everyday conversations.

Evening Classes (*Add-on)

YogaYou will practice yoga together with the instructor.
DanceEnjoy group activities like dancing while learning English.
ListeningThis lesson uses drama, music, and other enjoyable elements to teach English phrases and vocabulary.
ReadingIt is a lesson where students can improve their reading comprehension skills through familiar and enjoyable materials such as manga and novels.

Active Senior ESLModel Schedule (ex. Active Senior 3)

Time Schedule
7:20-7:45Vocaburary Test (Optional)
7:50-8:351:1 class (1)
8:40-9:25Break / Free Time
9:30-10:15Break / Free Time
10:20-11:051:1 class (2)
11:10-11:551:1 class (3)
12:50-13:35Break / Free Time
13:40-14:25Break / Free Time
14:30-15:15Break / Free Time
15:20-16:05Break / Free Time
16:10-16:55Break / Free Time
17:00-17:45Break / Free Time
19:00-19:50Break / Free Time
20:00–20:50Break / Free Time
21:00–22:00Break / Free Time (Weekdays, curfew at 22:00)

* 1 class: 45 minutes, Break: 5 minutes.
* Minimum guaranteed days of classes: 18 days/month.