About Baguio JIC

JIC caters to a variety of different Nationals ranging from Koreans, Japanese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese and many more. This gives the students the opportunity to learn and experience a multi – cultural environment.

Baguio JIC Main Campus

Main Campus

The concept of “Intensive Learning” focuses on one-on-one programs to immerse students in intensive English language study. The ESL (English as a Second Language) program is designed to strengthen speaking skills and includes original programs tailored to each student’s proficiency level (IB/PS).

Baguio JIC Premium Campus

Premium Campus

The concept of “Active Learning” revolves around a spacious campus surrounded by a natural environment, resembling a university setting. This campus provides a more intercultural learning environment, fostering interaction and communication.

JIC News

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You can download a PDF file of Baguio JIC’s web brochure here. You will find detailed information about our programs and facilities.

Brochure 2023 en


Brochure 2023 en_Green Vallery



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