Baguio JIC Academy Students.

Who Choose JIC?

People who want to get their IELTS target score.

Baguio JIC is the Philippines’ No. 1 IELTS Score Improvement Institution and has been a pioneer in IELTS education for more than 10 years since 2008, helping many students achieve their goals. We are also an official partner of the British Council and the IDP. We are proud of the quality of our IELTS education and the high caliber of our IELTS instructors.

Beginners but want to learn to speak English.

Baguio JIC offers a variety of programs for beginners, including the IB ESL (very beginner) course designed for very beginners who do not know where to start learning, and the PS ESL (power speaking) course designed for beginners but who want to learn with special emphasis on speaking.

People who want to learn English for their career

Baguio JIC also offers Business English learning programs that can be applied to your career, such as Working Holiday Preparation, Business English, and TOEIC. One-on-one classes are structured to provide students with both general English and original business-specific lessons.

People who want to study English intensively

JIC is like a small village, with a student dormitory, café, supermarket, gym, and many other facilities on the premises. The dormitories are clean and all are equipped with Wi-Fi, refrigerators, hair dryers, etc. All dormitories are clean and well-equipped with Wi-Fi, refrigerators, hair dryers, and so on. The school is a great place for students who want to study English intensively for 12 weeks or longer.

General Infomation

School nameJIC Tutorial Language Inc.
Address73 Del nacia apt upper west Camp7 Kennon Road, Baguio City, Philippines
Nationality rateKorea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Mongol, Vietnam, Saudi arabia,etc
TeachersPhilippine, America, British
Cleaning and Laundry2 times a week
MealsWeek day3meals、Weekend 1 meal (Brunch)