Baguio JIC Main Campus

Baguio JIC Main Campus

The concept is “Intensive Learning.”
You can concentrate on learning English through one-on-one programs. The ESL (English as a Second Language) program is tailored to your IB/PS level to enhance your speaking skills. The Working Holiday preparation and IELTS test preparation are especially popular. Original materials are provided for all programs to align with the concept. If you value individualized learning and want to focus intensively on English, the main campus is highly recommended.


  • Want to strengthen their speaking skills.
  • Want to prepare in advance before their Working Holiday.
  • Need IELTS preparation for immigration, job opportunities, or further studies.

Available Programs at JIC Main Campus.

Business・Working Holiday Preparation
・IELTS Guarantee

Room type

West GardenRoom for 1, Room for 2 
East Field Room for 4 Loft, Room for 4 Studio

Environment & Facility

Recommended Point !

  • “A spacious campus resembling a village,
  • Convenient amenities such as cafes and supermarkets on-site, making daily life very convenient.
  • There’s also a shared kitchen available, allowing cooking as well.”

General Information

School NameBaguio JIC Main Campus
Address73 Del Nacia Apt, Upper West Camp 7, Baguio City, Philippines
Student Capacity130
Distance from city10 minutes by taxi or Jeepney
StaffPhinillippine, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese etc
Minimum Ageabove 15 years old
Sparta System[ Sparta ] IB ESL、IELTS
[ Semi-Sparta ] PS ESL, Working Holiday, Business, TOEIC
Curfew[ Mon ~ Fri ] Sparta:19:00, Semi-Sparta:22:00
[ Saturday ] 1:00, [ Sunday ] Sunday
Class time45min(Breaktime 5min)
MealsMon-Fri : 3 meals a day, Sat & Sun:1 meal a day(brunch)
Cleaning & Laundry2 times a week