Main Programs


With Baguio JIC, you can take a program tailored to your English level and future goals.


These are intensive programs great for beginners to intermediate students. It is recommended for those who want to improve their English skills quickly in a short period of time due to the high proportion of one-on-one classes. ESL students may also choose between Sparta and Semi-sparta course to best suit their studying style. Sparta is for an intensive and maximum efficiency in studying while semi-sparta is for a more relaxed studying style or those who have a basic idea on how to study English. 

JIC ESL Programs introduces IB-ESL (Intensive Basic) and PS-ESL (Power Speaking) both with strong foundation classes combined with specialty subjects. Both programs do not just focus on the 4 macro skills, but add innovative core subjects.


JIC has 3 business courses under this program, namely Working Holiday, Real Biz and TOEIC. Each with a unique element and specialized one-on-one subjects. This program is recommended for students who have a clear direction for a certain goal. Most common goals fall on students wanting to further their career, work in an English environment or work and travel to a different country.

Students will have the opportunity to have 2 unique one-on-one classes specialized on their chosen Business Program. The student will also have the benefits of having additional general ESL one-on-one subjects to build on their foundation while also having the ability to choose between the Sparta or Semi-sparta course.


IELTS is an intensive course designed for students who have the aim of getting IELTS scores either for immigration, work opportunities or further studies. Our IELTS program offers exceptional opportunities to achieve your desired score through our meticulously designed program coupled with our dedicated and well trained teachers.

This program teaches and practices strategies and skills needed on all areas of the IELTS exam. The IELTS Program focuses on the mastery of the four test areas (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking). The program covers sub-skills such as academic vocabulary, academic style and study skill that the student needs to ace their IELTS test. 

CEFR Equivalence Table

Sparta and Semi Sparta Courses

Vocabulary TestMandatoryOptional
Night TasksMandatoryOptional
Going out on Weekday◯ (Curfew 7pm)◯ (Curfew 10pm)
Going out on Weekends◯ (Curfew:Sat 1 am; Sun 10 pm)

Sparta Course

Students under Sparta will mandatorily take the vocabulary test and night tasks every night throughout the weekdays. Students will take the vocabulary test at 7:30pm while their night tasks, in which they will have their self-studies, will be at 8:00pm to 10:00pm. The students will be monitored and will also be given a designated seat.

IB-ESL and IELTS students are both under the Sparta Course while PS-ESL and Business students have the ability to choose Sparta if they wish.

During weekdays, students under the Sparta Course may be allowed to go out of JIC after their classes but must come back before 7:00pm to get ready for their vocabulary test and night tasks.

Semi-sparta Course

Students under the Semi-sparta do not need to partake in the vocabulary test and the night tasks. However, they will have the opportunity to join the vocabulary test and night tasks if they wish. This circumstance will be available to them every 2 weeks. If they do choose to join the Sparta Course, they will have to join for a minimum of 2 weeks, in which all the rules that is applied to the Sparta students will also apply to them.

PS-ESL and Business students are under the Semi-sparta Course

During weekdays, students under the Semi-sparta Course may be allowed to go out of JIC after their classes but must come back before 10:00pm.

Hands On Program

Barista Training

Barista Training

(Three 4-hour weekend training / 12-hours total)
The Barista Internship Training will be held in Café Seollem in Baguio City (Military Cut-off Branch)
Number of Trainees: 1 to 4 people


  • Working Holiday Students – 3,000 pesos
  • Other program students – 4,000 pesos

Content of Training

  • General understanding of coffee (history, cultivation, characteristics, harvesting, processing, etc.)
  • Coffee Roasting and Various Coffee Extractions (Americano, Café Latte, Cappuccino, Café Mocha, etc.)
  • Menu Practice (coffee, non-coffee drinks, etc.)
  • Practice Taking Orders, Explaining the Menu, Making a Menu, etc.

Florist and Spatial Design Training

Florist and Spatial Design Training

Three 4-hour weekend training / 12-hours total)
A special experience program held at a flower cafe by a professional florist – stylist.
Floristry – encompasses flower care and handling, floral design, flower arranging and flower delivery.
Space Curation / Styling – Putting ideas and aesthetics to reality through constructing an immersive space to stimulate the interest of consumers.
Experience basic flower care, artistic floral handling and arranging skillfully using small space styling techniques.
Number of Trainees: 1 to 4 people


  • Working Holiday Students – 3,000 pesos
  • Other program students – 4,000 pesos

**Added material costs incurred when using imported fresh and local flowers


Time Schedule
19:30-20:00Vocabulary Test
20:00-22:00Self Study

* Class time consists of 45-minutes class and 5-minutes break.