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Baguio city in Philippines

Baguio is located in Baguio City which is considered the “Summer Capital of the Philippines” due to its cool weather.
Aside from it’s lower temperature, many tourists travel to Baguio to experience it’s beautifi ul and unique valleys, picturesque locations such as Camp John Hay and the Botanical Garden to name a few. It is easily accesible through three different main roads and is only 5-6 hours away from Manila on a bus like Joy bus and Victory Liner.

Why Choose JIC?

Because a different kind of school makes you a different kind of graduate. Because real-world learning puts you ahead. Because passionate teachers help you go further. Because the student experience is more than a classroom. Because being ready is more important than before.

Baguio JIC Academy Students.

JIC provides different courses for all types of students, they simply need to fi nd the course best suited for their needs. Students may also have the privilege to transfer to any of the available course whice are all nearby.

Challenge and improve your English by joining the “Challenger” where you attempt to speak solely in English and get a reward upon succeeding.

IB provides students with substantial speaking time with six (6) 1:1 classes to have a better focus on the students. IB provides doubled speaking time as compared to competitors.

JIC may also gurantee your score by taking the IELTS Gurantee Course. This course will asure you to reach your goal score with confidence.

IB provides
Students who are looking for a fl exible and more relaxing course, then PS is a perfect fi t. Students will have the privilege to change their group classes every two (2) weeks. This will increase their confi dence and get to experience lots of different classes and meet many friends.

Get quicker and faster results in your IELTS score by trying our proven 2:2:1:1 classes. Have 2 classes each for writing and speaking while having 1 class each for listening and reading. After 4 weeks, have the advantage of customizxing your classes according to your weaknesses to faster boost your score.

JIC has a Working Holiday Course which provides insights regarding the different countries in which students may intent to go to for different reasons such as a “working holiday” visa. These students may also try our arista internship in Cafe Lusso to xperience English in a realistic field.

JIC provides the quality of their teachers. Teachers have regular training to build their efficiency. Mock tests are constantly given to check the quality and to know what to improve on. IELTS teachers are also sponsored to take the Official IELTS Test to showcase their mastery and to have the confidence to teach IELTS to students.

JIC TIMELINE 2002-2018

JIC TIMELINE 2002-2018

Self Developed Materials

Being the pioneer, JIC has been able to develop our very own materials. We have a stockpile of materials which we often develop. This has become JIC’s habit to never be complacent but to keep on improving. We are confi dent with our development as it has been a great factor in producing quality and score achieving students.